Products and Solutions

When developing our solutions and products, we focus on usability, constantly working to simplify what seemed extremely difficult before. We develop intuitive user-friendly interfaces, convenient navigation, beautiful minimalist design and unique consolidated analytics.

We offer the best solutions for the optimal organization of work processes, taking into account the rational automation. Our solutions provide transparency, simplify planning, improve teamwork, increase the personal responsibility of decision makers for the results with full open control by the owner. Our cloud-based enterprise systems work for companies of various sizes in many industries and countries.

We have implemented many projects and implemented enough solutions, the glory for them left to customers. Below, we give examples of some solutions, the disclosure of which is agreed with our customers.

We respect our customers and work only for them and their victories. In our company, the client is on the 1st place, the employees are on the 2nd, the shareholders are on the 3rd.

Document management system

Developed a major solution to the US market (current alternative to QuickBooks®). Combines server, web, desktop and mobile development. The system is designed to improve the efficiency of manufacturing and retail companies, ensuring high performance of each unit and the company as a whole. Currently, the system is launched on the basis of 11 enterprises, by the end of the year it is planned to launch another 10 clients working with hundreds of enterprises in the United States.

Traffic Management System (TMS)

The system is designed for one of the largest US logistics brokers. It operates on the company's closed servers and provides real-time logistic and brokerage departments, communication with customers and drivers. Since the launch of the platform, the speed of decision-making and the efficiency of employees have grown by about 20-25%.

Debt Collection System

The solution is designed for collection companies in the United States. It is focused on automating internal processes within the company, increasing the efficiency of employees and transferring the process of collecting debts from the person-to-machine mode to the machine-to-person mode, with the gradual introduction of artificial intelligence, analysis of metrics and approaches. The ultimate goal is to build a machine-machine-man system and transfer 90% of operations to an automated environment.

The system of organization of internal activities and external sales

The project is designed for a major US retailer working in the metal industry. It consists of two parts: a closed module, designed to increase employee efficiency and external - focused on quick sales. Since the launch of the project, the company's turnover has grown by more than 35%.