To potential customers

We achieve the goal of the client with optimal efforts and resources for all, and from overcoming obstacles to achieving the goal - we are happy.

We select clients and do not undertake all the work offered to us. We refuse the silly tasks set for us, which in our opinion will not bring benefits to the client. We undertake only complex tasks, from the solution of which one can receive satisfaction and grateful payment.

We avoid the usual ways and other people's habits in solving problems, we approach everything outside the box and creatively, sometimes - we turn everything upside down.

We will never tell the general public who our customers are and what their specific tasks have been solved, and will not post their logos on our website. Our principle of cooperation with clients is confidentiality, and the glory goes exclusively to the client, creator and creator of his business. We in return receive a fee and recommendations in a narrow circle, and this is quite enough for us.

We made sure that there is no more competition between services or products (competitors copy everything too quickly), only competition between management models remains, especially correct automation of work processes with machine learning, which reduces the influence of the human factor. We create a unique model of management and problem solving for a particular client, and we never repeat it with other clients in the same industries.

We believe that the company's life success is the ratio of successfully made, that is, correct, decisions to the total number of decisions that management and owners take in their work. Our mission is to provide business with true data (from a large body of data) and help make the right decisions, promoting creative creation without distraction to the routine, with a guarantee of comfort and confidentiality.

You may already be familiar with our customers, but you will never know about it without mutual agreement.

Our clients

Who we work with and with whom we do not work

Our clients are located in the USA, Canada, Ukraine and Georgia, in such sectors as financial, technological, logistic, production, development, investment, processing, medicine and art.

Our main clients are the owners of companies and their proxies acting in the interests of the owners, less often - the top management of the companies.

They addressed us with tasks and problems that were obstacles to achieving goals and had to be resolved. We solved the tasks and technically accompany the customers so far.

Often, we are asked to correct the mistakes of IT directors of companies and refine unfinished IT projects, identify and eliminate the illogical and unethical work processes and key employees.

Our customers value us for results, speed and privacy. We never tell anyone about our customers, their tasks and problems, their contractors and partners, the actions and inaction of employees. If necessary, our current clients are ready, at our request, to provide recommendations to potential clients.

We do not work with budgetary enterprises and organizations, with those who bargain a lot and demand kickbacks, with those who steal time and fool their heads, with those who ask for a postponement and abuse our trust, with those who ask for 'imitating vigorous activity'.

We do not participate in tenders and do not undertake useless and senseless tasks, even if they pay a lot for it. We do not work under ridiculous orders and do not do what they want - when it is wrong and will not give the result.

We do not repeat in sectors of the economy in one country with programs for competitors and guarantee the exclusivity of our developments for a single client in his industry.