Business in digital

and integration of AI into the company's business model

DevPace company is working on the introduction of human qualities in AI, since in the future, artificial intelligence will interact with people, not replace them. Artificial intelligence is gradually entering the business, and there is nothing artificial in it. AI has been created by humans and is designed to interact with them, and very soon you will be convinced of this completely.

Many jobs, one way or another, will be affected by this process. Some of them will disappear, more will be affected by automation. Therefore, we all need to think about the future in the workplace. If you look at the evolution of technology over the decades, you will see that technology does not destroy work - they change it.

Innovations and technologies are the foundation for the growth of a company and gaining competitive advantages. Technology will determine the future. The technologies we are working with are 300 times more powerful and 10 times faster, i.e. as a whole, 3,000 times more powerful than 150–200 years old technologies, and at the same time using the conservative discoveries of the 19th century. It is always right to constantly synergize conservative working technologies with modern ones.

Research in the field of artificial intelligence will change the future of competitive wars and control of internal processes. Businesses need a new approach to AI, which will quickly integrate any new development in the shortest possible time, which will change the usual methods of resource management..

Progress abhors the late.The owners of those companies that do not take this into account today - tomorrow will be gone. In 10 years, the world will be radically different. Changes have already begun. We organize a lot of meetings with colleagues and customers, develop strategies, tasks, what to do to develop IT in business. Some of our industry colleagues forget about human capital, without which, no strategy can be built, and that in the knowledge economy, there is a human revolution. We are introducing IT-tools in the business, as applying things to human capital.

The successful future of business in the next 20 years will be determined by digitization . The business processes in which paper is involved are less efficient and more costly. Anything that can be digitized will be digitized. Business must be digital, otherwise it will die.

With artificial intelligence in business, you will receive a powerful unique competitive advantage and reduce the time to solve problems in the work of your company.

In the second half of the twentieth century there was an expression, 'A good person is not a profession.' We don’t agree. In the companies of our clients there are no other professions, there are only professions of a good person, and everything else - we digitize and automate.