Why Us

What you need is a strategic partner that will not only deploy the software but will also implement the solution into the work environment and continue to work with your company to integrate more features after the initial steps. Working with us, you won’t have to explain the business operational basics or worry about engaging the system. Our understanding of business models and experience from previous projects give us a strong foundation for developing and applying state-of-the-art digital management solutions.

Our Approach

1. Analysis

Business analysis is a crucial point to identify and articulate the need for changes in workflow, and to facilitate those adjustments. Being the business analysis experts, we recognize and define the solutions which will maximize the value of the organization for the stakeholders.

2. Concept

At this stage our user interface (UI) engineer and technical lead will step in and help you with defining the concept. Applying all our experience in concept building and knowledge of information technologies we create the framework that will be optimal for your business model.

3. Development

This step includes several activities: web, server and mobile development, technical optimization, and the architecture foundation. Our professionals work on each process according to the project requirements and your business needs.

4. Quality Assurance

Once our software development team completes the tasks and DevPace QA experts thoroughly test the solution, we deploy the product.

5. Ongoing Support

If you ever want to add new features or enhance capabilities of your solution we are here for you. We take care of our clients even after the development is completed. Anytime you have questions or want to add more features to your system, our team is ready to respond.

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